Southend U3A

Writing for Fun

September 2017

On Thursday 28th September 2017 only 8 members turned up. However, we were delighted to welcome a new member, Jeff, to our fold.
There appeared to be a more sombre theme to this title, but the none-deaths won by 5 to 4!

Flying The Nest And Letting Go - Anna Browning

Letting Go - The Saga Of Henry - Anne Wilson

Letting Go - Bob Wendelkin

No Barriers - Diane Silverston

Letting Go - Gerry Miller

Letting Go - Jan Norman

Letting Go - Jeanette Rothwell

Letting Go - Jenni Bowers

Letting Go - Jeff Kebbell

Letting Go - Maureen Rampersaud

Letting Go [A Crisis In Confidence] - Pete Norman

Letting Go - Sue Barker