Southend U3A

Writing for Fun

June 2012

On Thursday 26thJuly 2012, 7 members gathered at my flat.
Our topic this month was 'Mistaken Identity'; despite its narrow confines, we still managed to produce a wide variety of 'takes' on the topic and once again had a very happy meeting.
We were sorry to lose one of our members, Richard, but he did send in his 'valedictory' story - which was read out in his absence and agreed by the whole group to be his best to date.

Identity - Ann Southwood

Mistaken Identity - Dianne Silverston

Identity - Gerry Miller

Mistaken Identity - Joan Bond

Mistaken Identity - Maureen Rampersaud

Mistaken Identity - Mavis Sipple

Mistaken Identity - Pete Norman

Identity - Richard Dobson