Southend U3A

Writing for Fun

August 2012

On Thursday 23rdAugust 2012, only three members gathered at my flat.
We had made the decision to meet in August despite it being the holiday season, but in fact only one of our members was on holiday. The others who could not make it had a variety of reasons for not being here.
Thankfully they sent me copies of their stories, so we had an enjoyable meeting reading them all out with the inevitable discussions to follow. It was especially interesting trying to guess who had written what, as our writing styles are so different - yes, we managed each one!
Our topic this month was 'On the rocks', a subject with several different connotations. Individually we managed to cover most of them and the stories were as varied as usual. One smarty pants even managed to get all possibilities within the same story!

On the rocks - Ann Southwood

On the rocks - Dianne Silverston

Martini on the rocks - Gerry Miller

On the rocks - Joan Bond

On the rocks - Maureen Rampersaud

On the rocks - Mavis Sipple

The Island - Pete Norman