Southend U3A

Writing for Fun

January 2011

On Thursday 27th January 2011 eight members gathered together at Mavis' house. Our topic this month was 'The One Eyed Teddy Bear.'
We had a wonderful selection of stories as usual:
We had a lovely poem about a teddy bear tied to a dustcart; food for thought about the perception of beauty and then of true worth; a bear's progression; Pudsey bear and 'one eyed' from a different perspective!
We were pleased to welcome Ann to our group, we generally put the world to rights and had our usual fun.

The One Eyed Bear - Jill Lane

The Teddy on the Dustcart - Joan Bond

Beauty - Maureen Rampersaud

The One Eyed Bear - Mavis Sipple

The One-eyed Teddy Bear - Pete Norman

The One Eyed Teddy Bear - Richard Dobson

The One-eyed Teddy Bear - Vivian Brown