Southend U3A

Writing for Fun

April 2010

On Thursday 15th April 2010 five members of the new Writing For Fun group gathered at the home of Eve and Howard Marks for our inaugural meeting.

As nothing had been prepared for this first meeting, members were invited to bring along a piece of writing that, in true Blue Peter style, they had prepared earlier, or which they simply enjoyed.

Vivian and Mavis treated us to two pieces each, which were delightful anecdotes from life, which had us chuckling and provoked interesting discussion afterwards. Vivian described a very early trip across the Channel on a paddle steamer and a little girl who simply couldn’t resist dancing. Mavis dealt with the emotional trauma of slaughtering the prize marrow so lovingly tended.

Stuart brought along the opening chapter of Charles Dickens’ Bleak House, in which the author uses his phenomenal ability with the English language first to describe the city immersed in fog and then to draw an analogy with the corruption within the legal system – powerful stuff!

Gardener I am not - Mavis Sipple

Dawn Chorus - Pete Norman

Channel Dance - Vivian Brown

Joy of Writing - Vivian Brown

Writing - Vivian Brown