Southend U3A

Writing for Fun

October 2012

On Thursday 25thOctober 2012, six members gathered at my flat.
Our topic this month was 'The Bed'.
We were still reeling from our presentation two days ago to the rest of the U3A at Tuesday's meeting, but it seemed to be enjoyed not only by the audience, but by those members who read out their work.
This months we again had a great variety of stories, from beds to beadspreads to flower beds . . . situation normal then!

The Bed - Ann Southwood

The Bed - Dianne Silverston

The Bedspread - Gerry Miller

The Bed - Joan Bond

The Bed - Maureen Rampersaud

The Bed - Mavis Sipple's ghost

The Bed - Mavis Sipple

The Bed - Pete Norman

The Bed - or Beastly for Bunter - Peter Rogers