Southend U3A

Writing for Fun

February 2013

On Thursday 28th February 2013, seven members gathered at my flat.
We were pleased to accept a new member, Jenny, into the group and we hope that she enjoyed the meeting and will come again. Our topic this month was The 17th and, once again, we had a wide variety of interpretations of a single topic, ranging from Dickens' crime investigations to Shakespeare . . . and we had tea and cakes and put the world to rights - all in two hours!
For those who follow our stories regularly, I have attached two stories titled: 'A Step into the Unknown' by Joan Bond, which I have not been able to include earlier. They are in the January listings.

The 17th - Diane Silverston

The 17th - Gerry Miller

The 17th - Joan Bond

The 17th - Maureen Rampersaud

No. 17 - Peter Rogers

The 17th- Pete Norman