Southend U3A

Writing for Fun

August 2010

On Thursday 26th August 2010 seven members met up and read our stories about 'Smells'.

It still surprises me that seven people can take a single topic and produce seven completely diverse pieces about it.

The one who suggested the topic was conspicuous by her absence, but had e-mailed her piece to me, so I was able to read it out to the group.

We had stories and factual accounts, and even the ones which started apologetically with, 'I couldn't think of what to write, so I wrote this . . . were very good.

This is becoming a lovely group, with some really talented writers producing some interesting and entertaining work - keep it up, gang!

Smells - Annie Moss

Smells - Jill Lane

Smells - Joan Bond

Smell - Mavis Sipple

Smells - Mavis Sipple

That smell - Pete Norman

A day at the Sea-side - Peter Rogers

Smells - Stuart Raine

Smells - Vivian Brown