Southend U3A

Writing for Fun

October 2010

On Thursday 28th October 2010 six members got together. For this months project, at the September meeting, we each brought along two pictures cut from magazines. These were shared out and the challenge was to write a piece relevant to one or both of these pictures.
It made a change to have each person reading out a story on a completely different subject and the stories transported us around the world.
We started in the wild west of Kansas, then it was off for a short stay in Germany. A slide across to Spain, before mysteriously arriving back in England again. Then a voyage from Venice to the Holy Land, before taking a slow cruise down the French canals. Finally back to dear old Blighty to finish off. What a globe trotting group this has become!

Birth of a Virgin - Annie Moss


Les Canaux de France - Joan Bond

The Rule of Three - Mavis Sipple

The Day the Circus came to Town - Pete Norman

A Rancher's Dilemma - Peter Rogers

Early Days at Daimler Vehicle Works - Richard Dobson

A Spanish Picture Story - Every Picture tells a Story - Stuart Raine