Southend U3A

Writing for Fun

July 2016

On Thursday 28th July 2016 11 members met up. The given title was The Long Journey and it was amazing how many different ways it was possible to take that journey.
We travelled through the past, to India and beyond, to Biblical times, to the centre of the earth, on a canal boat, through the stuff of nightmares, to school, to a Russian enclave and to Sutton Hoo.
What a talented lot this group is!

The Long Journey - Bob Wendelkin

The Long Journey - Diane Silverston

A Walk To The Top Of The Hill - Gerry Miller

Noah’s Ark – The long journey - Jan Osborne

The Long Journey - Jenni Bowers

The Long Journey - Joan Bond

The Long Journey - Maureen Rampersaud

The Beginning Of A Thought . . . Thoughts Of A Beginning - Pete Norman

A Walk Down The Aisle - Reg Pound

Arriving - Sue Barker

Help! - Viv Burdon